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Creative writing hack #1!

Posted by liwis57740 on November 1, 2018 at 1:55 PM Comments comments (0)


Creative writing hack #1! 8)


Something you all may not know about me is that I have a love for writing! To me, writing is just as powerful as art in getting my emotions out, my ideas and my goals! Recently in my english class I've been having to write lots of papers; some informative, some persuasive, and one was about sharing a life-story, but I havn't had a lot of time to write for myself in my favorite style, creative writing! It's a feeling you can't explain when the idea finally clicks and your pencil starts moving or your hand starts typing and you just can't stop, for me I can't stop until I've gotten every last ounce of creation out onto the paper, when it's all over I feel tired, I feel drained: I've given everything I've got to that piece of paper, but I feel inspired! I believe it's important to find time to write for yourself and so I am making it a goal of mine to write more for myself; for, I can best describe myself through my pencil, weather that be drawing or writing!

Recently at school I sat down net to my friend who was working on some writing; I assumed it was something for school, but no, it was creating writing! My mind chirped up and I was emediately intruged! It was a Dugeons and Dragons (D&D) fan fiction! I asked her about it and she gave me some great insight into creative storytelling that I thought I'd share with you today!

Character planning: She had been typing for a good half and hour into what I assumed was a college application, but no it was a website she uses to help her design better story characters! She began to share that there are endless websites out there dedicated to helping you chisel you story characters to become more believeable and unique! My friend used a D&D specific generator:" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">

but here is a more general site she recommended for me:" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"> 

Honestly there are super awesome websites that I definitely will have to check out!

She explained how there are numerous apps as well for the main purpose of helping you develope stories and the characters that bring those stories to life!

Stay tuned for more writing hacks and art hacks and crafts in the future! Remember to share your literture pieces right here on ArtStars:" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">

Until them, keep creating, every piece of artwork you create is priceless and worth the time! <3

Crisp fall updates!

Posted by liwis57740 on October 29, 2018 at 12:45 AM Comments comments (0)

Posted by: Liwis57740

Crisp Fall Updates!

Hello friends, glad to be back and posting, and thrilled to talk to you about the recent updates to ArtStars.

From first glance, ArtStars looks unreconizable, and it is.

I had been planning for a new logo sometime soon and possibly a few internal updates as well; as I began to edit I began exploring options and got carried away in the best way... I started the homepage again from scratch!

The current homepage is the result.

I got tired of the boxed-in, sturn look of the former style and went for something totally different.

I wanted the focus to change from box to   and let me be honest it was definitely a disigner struggle, having everything to flow and be propotionally pleasing while also trying hard to make it mobile phone accessible.

It was hard, and I can't believe I did most of it within one night, as with most of my art  projects, once I have an idea I don't want to stop until I've got it down, same went for the redisn, I consider my blog one of my greatest art projects and I hope that shows through.

I asked myself how I could make the homepage even simpler, as that has always been my goal.

I want someone to see the homepage for the first time and having a good feeling. Ultimatelly I wanted the homepage to look like a paint pallete with tons of splotches of paint everywhere, I feel the idea stayed true to originality, fun-loving, and art-speciafic deisgn!

My other designs consisted of modernizing and having less boxes and more clean lines; they were good but I tried to look "outside the box" and do something completely unexpected and push myself from my confort zone.

Seeing the outcome was inspiring! I understand that this is the most drastic change I've ever made and getting used to it is even hard for me, but for now I am really happy with it.

After the homepage was complete, other pages naturally had to have simple changes as well and the new logo became clear to me!

Now everything flows and I am super happy to be able to share the all these changes with you! 

My old slog "create outside the box" no longer felt right and so I went back to "Art for all!", symbolic of a brand new ArtStars, but holding onto those original core values and hopefully serving everyone the best of it's ability!

Stay artsy!


Summer updates!

Posted by liwis57740 on July 5, 2018 at 3:25 PM Comments comments (0)

Hello! Finally I am back to blogging and there are a lot of changes I need to share so this may be a longer entry! :roll:

Homepage Redesign: Probably the most apparent change... I completely revamped the homepage! Much of the change was planned long ago in the back of my mind but I had put it off fearing it would not be as great as I imagined. I also feared ArtStars may loose it's orginal creative feel and spunk... so I tested it out and I really liked what I saw. After pondering for months I finally republished the site with the brand new look! The ultimate goal was to make it easier to use and understand, quicker to navigate, simplier for newer users, and mobile friendly. I feel confident I delivered on that goal. Hope you all enjoy the changes!

New services: I posted a while back about this... two new chapters (Visual Art and written Art) have been added to ArtStars supporting newer forms of art other than drawing and animating. It's an addition I feel proud is now apart of us because I never wanted the site to limit the creativity to which someone could share their passion for art online! 

Core Purpose: Lastly, as I updated the pages of my site I thought a lot about what I want the first impression to be... therefore the ultimate idea that people get the second they scan the homepage. I want people to instantly feel that this is a site that loves art, therefore I added feature photos to the front. I want people to know that it's all about sharing our work and connected through art, therefore I added the CONNECT button and added social network links. However this also meant I eliminated some things... most recently I have removed the "just chat" button. I realised that it did not add much to the site and was just another button that cluttered the homepage. Now chatting has been condensed to the connect page and user profiles!

Hope you all enjoy the updates and my deep analysis of them! 8)  Keep creating! ~Liwis

Spring updates!

Posted by liwis57740 on March 17, 2018 at 4:20 PM Comments comments (0)

Happy Spring! I'm back! As the snow is melting away outside my windows I was inspired to make a few updates to the good, old blog again! I freshened up the homepage with a new header, new colors and a new art contest; the theme is Alive! Can't wait to see some awesome entries!  I also simplified the social box; hope it makes sharing and leaving reviews a bit easier! Lastly, check out the create page, there are plenty of new online creating tools that I've linked in. Also, now in the discription of the weblinks it will tell you if the website is desktop, mobile or app friendly! Thats all for now! :) 

More profile tips!

Posted by liwis57740 on January 24, 2018 at 7:35 PM Comments comments (0)

Your ArtStars profile is your's to own. There you will see a timeline of your recent activities, weather it be posting a new art photo, posting to a connect chat, commenting, or updating your status, it's all stored here!

Everyone's profile has the same main feactues but there are still ways to customize:

Idea 1. Everyone has an "About me" section of their profile where you can out a short discription of yourself. This acts as a super cool place to express yourself. You can upload images of your favorite artwork, favorite quotes, or memes! :roll: Another cool thing you can do it add links. Feel free to add links to any other art websites with you work on them. (Please no social media profiles though.) Please do "advertise" yourself or your blogs, there are no rules against it. ArtStars was created so that artists had a way of getting discovered so please go for it!

Idea 2. There is a "what's on your mind?" tab for you to share your thoughts! USE IT! It's a great way of letting others know what your working on acting as a short of shout out! Have fun with it and use it to express yourself on the daily!

Idea 3. Stay connect! Be sure to friend people, it will then give you a direct link to their profile so that you can see their latest works! Leave lots of kind comments, people will really appreciate them! Lastly, below the freinds box you will see something titiles "site memberships". If you know of any other .webs blogsites out their you can connect to them and have them link right to your profile! Really cool thing if you get the opportuity! Maybe one of you will create a site someday too! More power to you! 8)