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About ArtStars




What is ArtStars?

     ArtStars is a social art blog; It offers a safe, fun, and free online space for people of all ages to enjoy and share their love of art. 

ArtStars' Create page there are links to dozens of online art tools that anyone can use to create master-pieces. 

You can then make an ArtStars account and upload your art into the Gallery for all to see! 

Members can also share art videos and literature pieces. 
You can friend other members, connect, chat and comment! 

It's a website that make you smile and that inspires you each day to keep creating beautiful art, keep believing in yourself and knowing that you are an art star!

ArtStars' Humble Beginning?

ArtStars was created December 1, 2012.

      ArtStars was created to be a safe space where people could share their art, get recognized, be inspired, make friends! 

The idea is based off of a popular art-creator website named SketchStar. Sadly on April 16, 2013 Sketch Star closed down and ArtStars acted as a place for members to store their art and find their friends again. 

ArtStars didn't always have this name, when it first started off it was named both "SketchStar Club" and "SketchStar+" before later officially being renamed ArtStars.  

Ever since the day ArtStars was created it has just been growing and expanding into what it is today, and I could not of and probably would not of created it if it weren't for my SketchStar friends and continuous supporters!

The ArtStars Pledge!

"Art for All!"

     Thats the moto that has been the foundation of Artstars! I always strive to create a awesome, bright, inspirational  space for people to express their minds in art and to connect safely! We care about our users, because our users are what helped to create this site! 

It is so important to have positive outlets online and it's an honor to serve this community! It may be small but it is mighty!

Remember to only share what you feel comfortable or safe being available online. Think before you post!

Please take the pledge; post this quote or photo on your profile:

I pledge to keep ArtStars a safe, friendly, inspiring place for all ages! ART FOR ALL!


ArtStars Mission

   Ever since SketchStar closed my dream was to once create a website just like it! To make ArtStars an official website though, would mean a lot of time, effort, and money, but my deepest hope is that someday it will come true! Thank you all for your support!


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