Let Creativity Soar!

Create outside the box!


I've loved to draw all my life...

and I know I will draw for the rest of my life!

I love to create characters, stories, small worlds that hide within my paper...

for a long time I kept it to myself, but art is meant to be shared. I got into online art in 2012 and it consumed my interest for a long time. One of my favorite things to draw is cities from a birds-eye-view. I like to draw before and afters, step by step images, and some animations. I've been told my drawings are childish, but that's who I am and I love my drawings and hope you enjoy them too! I strive to publish many children's books someday and am glad to have create this blog to share with you all! My art moto: (although I have never though much about it til now would be...) creation starts today!

"Creation starts today!"

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