Marmotap2 wins 1st place! :)

Posted by liwis57740 on October 19, 2014 at 2:35 PM Comments comments (1)

The first place winner of the "Fall in love with Fall" Contest is. . . Marmotap2!  Amazing Job Marmotap! :D It's such a Lovely drawing! :) 

What I love about fall.......The nights  By: Marmotap2

Marmotap wins 1st place!

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The 1st place winner of the "Back to School" Contest is Marmotap2!  Awesome entry Marmotap2! :) 

what i think of "school"  By: Marmotap2

Padamay2 Wins 1st!

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This was a really hard decision because both entries were beautiful, but the first place winner goes to. . . Padamay2!  Thank you everyone for entering in the "Summer Memories" Contest, It is so fun to see your guy's drawings! Always: Liwis :)

1st place: Summer Memories Doodle By: Padamay2

And 2nd Place: Learning to drive on road trip with bros. By: Marmotap2  Way to Go you two! :D

Marmotap2 Wins Gold!

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Marmotap wins Gold in the "4th of July" contest! and Padamay2 coming in second with silver! Way To Go!!! :D  Also this is officially the first Arstars contest to have more than one entry! ;)

"meeting to sign the declaration of independance" By: Marmotap2

Padamay2 Wins Contest!

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The winner of the "Sunset/ Sunrise" Contest is Padamay!  Way To Go Padamay2! :D

"Sunset In The Mountains" By: Padamay2