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It's SMILE WEEK! If you unfamiliar, here at Artstars on the first week of May its Smile Week! Smile week is a week dedicated to living, loving and laughing. Each day of the week a new smile activity will be announced here in the blog! There is also a new contest released that will end May 10th. This years theme is May showers, Spring flowers: create art inspired by springs beautful bloom! Stay tooned! :)

How is it?

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  Its day 6 of Smile week! and soon coming to an end, so lets make the best of it!  First, how is it?  How are the dailly videos, posts and ideas! I hope you've felt inspired to create something new, possible for the new contest "My Dreams"!  Also, Mothers day is coming up, May 11th!  Are you planning anything sweet!  Share it, on the (SYS) page!   Thanks: Liwis  :roll:


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  Its Monday! Also Day 5 of Smile Week!  Cheer up! read some inspirational and funny quotes on (SYS).  Also the weather is Awesome too, so dont spend your time wasted on the internet, get out, go for a walk, garden, or just Play!  Have a Great Monday!    Liwis  :)   PS. Sorry I missed day 4 :P


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Its day 3 of Smile Week!, Inspiration day!  Todays the day, if any to share your thought, words and ideas!  Share them on the new Share your inspiarion, your smile, and you jokes on the (SYS) page up above!  Share something inspiration, whatever is inspiring you, share it!  Someone might just be needing that inspriation! Always: Liwis :)

Happy May Day! :)

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     It is day 2 of Smile week and also May Day! To celebrate im introducing something new, Crafts!  It will be a new section in the blog for now, it will be a place where I post fun, clever and easy art projects that are here to inspire you too create your own.  The Crafts will say how much they cost, what you need, and step by step instrustion. (With pictures) Tell me what you think, and/ or share your Craft ideas.  Always: Liwis  :)