Profile Picture Tips and Rules.

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- Profile picture Quidelines -

- Please remember to keep your profile picture appropriate or your account will be deleted.

- Do not use a picture with any private information on it.

- You can but it is not recomended that you use a real picture of yourself or someone else for privacy and safety porposes.   (Your profile picture is viewable by everyone and can be copied.)

- You can use any other photo as long as it follows the quidelines.

- Profile Picture Tips -

- You can use a drawing you or someone made. Maybe a portrait of you! If it is someone elses creation though you should inform them first before using it.

- You can use an avatar creator which many websites have, then just download/ trasfer it to here.

I hope these tips help! Always: Liwis57740 :)


Smile Guide

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Arstars has a selection of Smiley Faces in all chat boxes on the website so heres a Guide to knowing them all!

: + ) = :) 

: + | = :| 

: + ( = :( 

: + D = :D 

: + O = :o 

; + ) = ;) 

: + / = :/ 

: + P = :P 

8 + ) = 8) 

Please comment if you could figure these out . . . :lol:   :mad:   :roll:    Thanks: Liwis

Profile Tips!

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Here are a few profile tips that might help.

   First, Instead of having a conversation with someone in the comment section, where everyone can see it. Everyones profile has a tab labeled "Action" where you can Send a message privately! 

   Next, in the upper left corner of everyone's profile are three tabs labeled "Main", "Friends" and "Photos". That makes  it easier to see someones friends and their personal Gallery!

  Lastly, On the upper right corner of everyone's profile is a link labeled "Browse all members", when clicked it will take you to the members page, its just a quicker way to get around!

   For more helpful tips check out the Tips section in the Blog!  Always: Liwis :)