Is it Spring yet?

Posted by liwis57740 on March 5, 2016 at 2:05 PM Comments comments (0)

  iHola! Spring is just around the corner and I am excited to finally get the chance to log back in and update a bit! I released the new art contest today Its Spring!  I hope we can get some entries this time! :) So I have been thinking about the future of Artstars. My dream is for it to become an official website someday where people of all ages can create and share art and use their talents to change the world! I will not give up and I hope the Artstars members do no either! I was just thinking about how as of now Artstars is limited to English only, wouldn't it be awesome if people from many different laguages could join in and make Artstars more diverse. Feel free to include other languages in your art entries and if you would, include what laguage it is in in the discription! (That gives me an idea for a new art contest!) Until next time: Liwis ;)

Give Thanks!

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   Hi all, happy fall! I have been inactive for a while and so I apalogize for not having any new contests. On that note, on December 1st, this years Christmas art contest will begin, so stay close by!  I hope everyones fall has been sweet and filled with joy and I also hope everyone has a very wonderful Thanksgiving! Its that time of year again, time to be with family and create memories, sadly however with the season comes the stress of the holidays. There is so much to do and juggle that you can feel overwhelmed sometimes. That is why I'd like to share a website that could help with that stress. is the name, and its right on! The entire website is simply for you to take a break and calm down, so check it out! Take a breath, calm down and always remember that if you are ever feeling stressed out, think about all the good things is your life! That always seems to help!   Happy Thanksgiving! 

Always, Liwis :)

What are you grateful for?   Comment below! ;)

Summer Updates!

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Hi everyone, there are some updates coming to Artstars this Summer! To start I plan to give the homepage just a little remodel. I am have removed the Google and Facebook buttons from the homepage because I realised hat they don't really have to much use to them. But I still want your opinion so please comment below is you think they should stay or go. Next there will be some changes comimg to the contests! I have recently been told that some or the contests such as the recent 4th of July Fireworks Contest are limited to those in the US. They were right and so from now on I will be changing up the contests. My plan is to keep some US Holidays but also have general holidays so anyone may enter. Thats means that unlike before there will be more than one contest at certain times. I still do not have this all figured out and it could still change, so stay tuned for more on this in future updates. Speaking of contests, there is a new contest out today! The theme is "Summer fun under the Sun!", Check it out on the homepage! Also to add to the fun, there is also a new art tool for everyone to use! The art tool Thisissand will now be linked on the Create page!  

I hope everyone is having fun and making awesome memories under the sun this Summer! Always: Liwis :)

New Years Contest!

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For this New Years contest I thought maybe I should try something new, so I decided that I will make one of the members contest ideas the new years contest. The topic is. . .  Favorite movie scene. The contest idea is from: Marotap2! Thank you Marotap2 for the awesome contest idea! :D

I think I will do a special contest every year from now on for New Years and possibly other times too. What do you think? Please share your thoughts and if you have an Idea for next years special contest share it in the chatrooms in the new chatroom labled Contest Ideas!  Always: Liwis :)

Merry Christmas!

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Merry Christmas and happy holidays everyone! :)

I hope everyone is having an awesome holiday season and is home with their families feeling happy and healthy! I am sorry I haven't posted in a while, with the holiday season I didnt have much time for online! The Christmas contest is on now so get your entries in! There is also some other big news. . . Artstars turned 2!! Thank you everyone so much for supporting me with Arstars and for making one more year full of creativity, smiles and awesome art! I can barely wait to see the awesome masterpeices you guys will make this new year! Always: Liwis :) Special thanks too: Marmotap2, Padamay2, Sweetafton, thewizerd, Elviktim, chewy25504, and *Chewy*.