About Artstars!

How Artstars came to be

What is Artstars?

                Artstars was created December 1, 2012.

   Artstars was created to share art, intoduce artist that needed to be recognized, make friends and more from SketchStar. Artstars wasn't always called Artstars although, when it started it was named both "SketchStar Club" and "SketchStar+" before later officially being renamed Artstars.
 It was also later used as a place to store art and find your friends again after SketchStar closed April 16, 2013. Ever since that day Artstars was created it has just been growing and expanding into what it is today, and I could not of and probably would not of if it weren't for SketchStar and all my SketchStar friends!
     Thank you: Liwis57740


Pictures of Sketch Star

   Artstars is website where you can create/ browse art and posts, make friends, chat, and read the blog . . . but it is also so much more!

Artstars is a safe, fun, and free website for people of all ages to enjoy and share their love of art. A website that you make memories on and that inspires you each day to believe in yourself and know that you are a star.

Artstars Pledge

                                    Art for All!

I pledge to keep artstars a safe, appropriate website for all ages to enjoy! 

Artstars Mission

   Ever since Sketchstar closed my dream was to once create a website just like it! To make Artstars an official website though, would mean a lot of time, effort, and money, but I believe that some day it will come true, we can save Sketchy!  

But I need your help!

Donations are not open yet.


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    Spread the joy, Share! . . . Please!